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The Last Of The Old School Betting Professionals
He Hands In The 'Secrets' Of His Trade

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TED LONDON Points The Way To Huge Daily Profits..
From The Desk Of: Ted London
Date: Wednesday February 10, 2016
Location: Hampshire

First, let me tell it to you straight..

Right now you are poised to completely turn your betting around
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Whether you would like to make a full time income
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Just Imagine Waking Up Every Day In The
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You are on the verge of discovering a proven, genuine system to generate exceptional profits from Betting Exchanges and High St bookmakers.

It is based on knowledge and experience that I learnt from my father, George London and which I have perfected over 50 years of successful professional betting.

The Win Dominator investment opportunity
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    • Would you like to find a genuine strategy and service that will provide you with daily profits?
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    • Are you looking for a simple to operate system, that will only take up a few moments of your time each day, and which is personally overseen by a successful 72yr old betting professional?
    • Most importantly... are YOU ready to transform your betting and move into profit?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, we are in business!

Please let me reassure you on the following points however:

  • This is NOT the usual internet rubbish
  • This is NOT a product designed by someone who knows nothing about betting
  • And it is NOT an un-workable method, that will waste your time

    FACT: Most systems don't WORK

    They are put together by people who may know a lot about marketing, but know nothing about betting to win.

    Most of them come with plenty of skilful waffle of course...

    But let me tell you this...

    Nobody selling anything on the internet today, could possibly have been successful over the past 50 years, in the same way that I have.

    Nobody selling anything on the internet today could possibly have built up a bank of knowledge and experience from the very front line of day to day professional betting, in the way that I have.

In a relatively short space of time from now, YOU can be on your way to becoming financially independent.

This is it! Build confidence into your betting and work with a proven professional and a race result prediction tool, that will propel you into profit and make losing runs a thing of the past.

"Trust is a very valuable commodity
and these days it is in short supply"


My name is Ted London and the above quote about 'trust being in short supply', is an old saying from my father.

Believe me, it is as true today as it was 60 years ago!

Who Is Ted London?

I have been a professional backer at horse race meetings for over 50 years. I'm 72 now and by the time I was 16 I had been to every race course in the country, many of which don't exist now.

You see, my father George London, was also a professional backer and taught me everything about horse racing and betting on horses. From my father, I learnt about how racing was set up, trainers, horses, courses, bookmaking, odds, when to bet, when NOT to bet and most importantly, what 'type' of bet to place.

My trade was learnt in the days before the internet and betting exchanges, but there are not many of us 'old school' professionals left now. I have met the famous and flamboyant Alex Bird and the enigmatic Che Van Der Wheil, and rubbed shoulders with the more recent old school pro's like Stewart Simpson, Alan Potts and Roy Hawkins.

Betting In The Modern Day

These days there are a new breed of internet based betting professionals and since I retired from the grind of daily travelling to race meetings, the internet is where nearly all of my betting action takes place. My money was made a long time ago however, and invested well, so these days I bet more for fun and to keep my hand in.

When I started you could really only bet at the race course you had visited that day, now I can bet at every race course in the country and the profit potential is enormous!

Why I Set The Service Up

Last year a nephew of mine bought a betting product from the internet and asked for my opinion of it; to put it mildly, it was complete rubbish. It was tripe put together by someone who didn't know the first thing about betting on horses – in fact, it was a CON.

For the next couple of weeks I made a point of looking at just what was available to people who honestly wanted to develop a substantial second income stream or even 'make a living' from betting. What I found shocked me! With only one or two honourable exceptions – everything out there was put together by mugs. That struck me as WRONG, completely out of order.

What Is On Offer For YOU?

I decided that what I wished to do for the next few years will be to help and coach people who want to learn the REAL DEAL when it comes to betting successfully. So if you are looking for a method that will fast track your betting into awesome profit, here it is!

"I will show you simple market patterns that no one else can teach you; Patterns so powerful they are still un-discovered in most betting circles"

However, just writing a book about what I have learned over the years wouldn't be enough for people that are using betting exchanges, so I got in touch with a successful betting professional from the 'new generation' and worked together with him to create a totally new piece of software.

If my father, George London could see what was possible now – he would be astonished.

This tool is called


Win Dominator is 1,2,3 simple and easy to use... most importantly...







Win Dominator was developed by my new and younger colleague, alongside his team of computer professionals, under my full direction.

It will do the following:


Too good to be true?

NO.. this is THE MASTER KEY of betting...

Knowing how to bet, when to bet and what to bet is an ART

I will show you how to do it successfully..

You will be guided by me through a MASTER CLASS IN EVERY ASPECT OF BETTING TO WIN... No stone will be left unturned in providing you with a strategy, tool kit, knowledge bank and day to day support in making an enjoyable and most critically, profitable difference to your life...

What Is Win Dominator?

Win Dominator welds together over 50 years of classic racing knowledge that has been gained by me at the tough 'coal face' of profitable day to day betting. Everything you need to know in terms of 'form', 'odds' and 'bookmaking', along with absolute state of the art, cutting edge technology - fully applicable to the modern day game and easily usable by someone with all day or only a few minutes to spend, is factored into this product. You will not be disappointed.

This has never been done before – and to tell the truth, it will never be done again.

So, whether you are a complete and utter NOVICE at race horse betting or someone with a few years experience or even a successful and profitable player right now – what is on offer in this package is going to take your betting to the next level.

You DREAMED of this package whenever you started...

Now, it is here and available for the cost of a reasonably priced meal in your favourite restaurant.

Win Dominator is an investment opportunity ...
that might just
change your life!


YOUR Success Is MY Success

Please make sure you get on board with me, Ted London – the last of the 'old school' professionals.

A man you can TRUST


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